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Lhasha & Russell Love Rooftop Solar

Russell Lowes and Lhasha Tizer have worked tirelessly for many years to fight for sustainable energy and contribute to the Tucson community. After taking steps to reduce the energy use of their home, they installed solar in March of 2013. Here is their solar story, along with their thoughts on the future of energy in Tucson.

You can read more of Russell’s thoughts on solar and energy storage here.

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Introducing the Enphase AC Battery

It’s been about six weeks since Net Zero Solar installed our first Enphase Energy AC Battery at our office/warehouse. Although this is a small test system, this exciting new product allows for a lot of flexibility in how energy is generated, stored, and consumed in your home. And although it’s not necessarily justified in pure economic terms at this point, the Enphase AC Battery can be a great addition to a solar electric system.
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