Net Zero Solar is a Full-Service Solar Installation Company

Vince Drives on Sunshine!

Local clean energy, climate, and electric vehicle advocate Vincent Pawlowski drives on sunshine! See why he loves his solar electric system and believes rooftop solar is important for Tucson:

Where Does Your Energy Flow with Solar?

Want to better understand where energy comes and goes in a home with a grid-tie solar electric system? Check out the infographic below! We’d also love to hear your thoughts and questions in comments section.

Introducing the Enphase AC Battery

It’s been about six weeks since Net Zero Solar installed our first Enphase Energy AC Battery at our office/warehouse. Although this is a small test system, this exciting new product allows for a lot of flexibility in how energy is generated, stored, and consumed in your home. And although it’s not necessarily justified in pure economic terms at this point, the Enphase AC Battery can be a great addition to a solar electric system.
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